Release Note

November 23, 2018


Tax Calculation

Admin Experience / Customer Experience

In the earlier releases, the tax price used to get calculated based on the subtotal price of the product(s), added in the cart. With this new release, the tax price gets calculated based on the discounted subtotal price. This will be managed with the help of the key in Web.Config file. I.e. CalculateTaxAfterDiscount

Note:- Tax calculation does not take shipping price or gift card discount into consideration.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-3337] - OMS - Orders - Product quantity does not update when a new product is added from the ‘Add Product’ button.

[ZPD-3312] - OMS - Manage Order - Quantity is being displayed as 0 when few products from an order are shipped separately.

[ZPD-3328] - New Admin User --> Pending Orders --> ‘View Order’ button is missing in the action column due to which admin users are unable to view the order details page.

[ZPD-1646] - Admin - Global Settings - Currencies/Countries - If currencies/countries are activated/deactivated then 404 page shows up.

[ZPD-1363] - Multifront - Webstore - Error message is being displayed on the shopping cart page if the price not set for group product.

[ZPD-2402] - Admin - shipping - When assortment is clicked, a “no record found” message is being displayed.

[ZPD-3597] - OMS - Orders - Duplicate product name is being displayed for group products.

[ZPD-3652] - Admin - Incorrect status is being displayed if Preview is off from global settings.

[ZPD-3542] - Admin - Product feed - Duplicate data is being displayed in the generated feeds for the content page.

[ZPD-3579] - PIM - Products - Quantity is not being displayed for downloadable products.

[ZPD-3675] - After the merge operation, the property is being lost.

[ZPD-3634] - Product list with SEO Details is not being displayed when products are more than 25000 products.

[ZPD-3647] - Admin - Create an Order/Manage Order -  CVV number field allows admin users to enter 4 4-digit CVV number for American Express cards.

[ZPD-3553] - OMS - Orders - Unable to add group products to the cart if they are added along with add-ons.

[ZPD-3568] - Admin -- Manage Order --> Partial Return tax is incorrectly calculated.

[ZPD-3655] - Marketing - Promotion - Amount off category/product - Duplicate categories/products are being displayed when ‘All Stores’ are selected.

the [ZPD-3356] - Web Store --If the ‘Login Required’ setting is changed and store and catalog are published, then the same is not being reflected on the web store immediately.

[ZPD-363] - Multifront - CMS - Blogs and News - The application is redirecting to the blog/news (whichever is created) info when the ‘Save’ button is clicked.

[ZPD-585] - Multifront - Customers - Accounts - All countries are displayed in the country drop-down, even if the store is associated with fewer countries.

[ZPD-3106] - Web Store - The application is not being redirected to the home page when the page is refreshed.

[ZPD-3228] - OMS - Orders - Customer details are not being displayed when a new customer is created.

[ZPD-2607] - Webstore - Even after CVV number is entered, an error validation message is being shown.

[ZPD-2709] - Web Store -- Order Details --> Reorder option is being displayed for add-on products.

the [ZPD-3200] - Webstore -- Checkout page --> The additional information entered by shopper is being removed when the shipping method is changed.

[ZPD-3326] - Webstore - While changing the address for the B2B shopper account, address is being changed.

[ZPD-2981] - Customer - Users - The application is allowing shoppers to enter multiple email addresses.

[ZPD-3308] - Admin -- Global Settings → Countries in the country data table show the same countries on every page.

[ZPD-3420] - OMS - Orders - Products are being displayed with add ons, even if the add-ons are not purchased.

[ZPD-3419] - Webstore - Cart count is being doubled when ‘Login’ is clicked (only for Grouped Products).

[ZPD-3481] - Webstore - When an add-on product is reordered, an Incorrect product is shown as ordered.

[ZPD-3599] - Webstore - Loader is not being displayed when the ‘Paypal Express’ button is clicked.

[ZPD-3506] - Admin -- Manage order --> Unable to add a simple product if the same product is already added with the add-on(s).

[ZPD-3650] - Webstore - Unable to calculate the tax for configurable products.

[ZPD-3659] - OMS - Orders - Tax amount is not being when the configurable/grouped product(s) is returned.

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