Release Note

December 7, 2018


Publish Empty Parent Category

Administrator Experience / Customer Experience

Admin user(s) will now have the ability to publish an empty category (i.e. category with no associated products) if it’s at least one child category has at least one product associated with it.

This will allow the admin user(s), the convenience to display the product(s) in the child category on the web store without  requiring to add product(s) in the parent category from the admin site. 

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-3583] - Application/Web Store cache: Facing random issues when the webstore cache is on.

[ZPD-3684] - Webstore - If a product is added to cart with more than one add-on then the selected add ons do not become visible in the cart.

[ZPD-3712] - Webstore - Incorrect products are being displayed when an order is reordered.

[ZPD-3726] - OMS - The application is allowing shoppers to checkout without requiring them to add a CVV number.

[ZPD-3728] - PIM - Products - Downloadable product keys are not being displayed during checkout.

[ZPD-3730] - OMS - Orders - Downloadable product keys are not being displayed after placing the order.

[ZPD-3731] - Admin - Marketing- Promotions- User Interface for ‘Select All’ functionality is not consistent.

[ZPD-3737] - Webstore - Simple products are reordered with incorrect quantity.

[ZPD-3791] - PIM - Brand - Unable to unassociate a brand with the products.

[ZPD-3793] - Web Store - An error page is displayed when the shopper clicks on the ‘Write A Review’ button.

[ZPD-2006] - Webstore - Applied facets are not displayed on the category page. (IE Specific)

[ZPD-2024] - PIM - Addons - Search is not working properly in the associate add-ons aside panel.

[ZPD-2069] - Admin - PIM - Products - Global search is not working properly.

[ZPD-3078] - OMS - Orders - Personalized text is not being displayed when returning the product.

[ZPD-3124] - Admin - PIM -- Manage Catalog --> Failed to publish--> When any catalog is in publishing state and the user publishes any category then it system shows an error.

[ZPD-3316] - Webstore - Downloadable product keys are not being displayed in the My Accounts section.

[ZPD-3403] - Admin - Roles and access right - Incorrect menu name is displayed when the user clicks on the ‘Add’ button.

[ZPD-3492] - Webstore --> Discounted price is not displayed on the PDP page but the list page shows the discounted pricing.

[ZPD-3674] - Admin - Product feed - Duplicate data is being displayed when feed is generated for all stores.

[ZPD-3686] - Web Store - Incorrect quantity is getting reordered for add-on products.

[ZPD-3711] - OMS - American Express is allowing shoppers to checkout with a 3-digit CVV code.

[ZPD-3733] - OMS - Orders - Custom rate is not getting applied for the UPS method.

[ZPD-3739] - Web Store - The application is allowing online payments without a CVV number.

[ZPD-3785] - Webstore : Validate Auth header Issue on Credit Cart pop-up.

[ZPD-2027] - Webstore - SEO URL is not displayed when the user clicks on the ‘More Reviews’ link.

[ZPD-3146] - Admin -- Product -- Manage Product --> Tab UI issues.

[ZPD-3735] - Webstore - Order History - 'Created Date' filter not working and UI is inconsistent.

[ZPD-239] - Multifront - Orders - The application is restricted to updating the quantity for downloadable products.

[ZPD-2022] - PIM - Product Attribute - Sometimes unable to create the attribute value (IE and Edge specific)

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