Release Note

November 16, 2018

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-3323] - PIM - Catalog - Unable to publish a catalog with more than 25,000 products.

[ZPD-3581] - Performance Issue - Adding product to cart process is working slowly.

[ZPD-3562] - Admin -- Manage Order --> Orders show products and their add-ons even when add-ons were not ordered.

[ZPD-3239] - Webstore -- Discounted shipping amount needs to be removed from the cart and checkout pages.

[ZPD-3552] - OMS - Orders - Associated addons are not displayed on the manage order page.

[ZPD-3322] - PIM - Catalog - End time is displayed in publish history even before the catalog is published.

[ZPD-3167] - Webstore - Your Price is removed from the product detail page.

[ZPD-2707] - Admin - PIM - The application is allowed to publish the catalog as well product at the same time.

[ZPD-3208] - Webstore -- Unwanted postal code link is removed from the shopping cart.

catalogs[ZPD-3155] - Marketing - Deleted catalog are being displayed when creating new promotions (for amount off catalog).

[ZPD-1828] - Multifront - Admin - Promotion - Unable to select catalog if try to select Brand after clicking on All Stores.

[ZPD-3551] - Webstore - Product add-on’s price is not displayed on the shopping cart page.

[ZPD-3398] - OMS - Orders - Incorrect products are being displayed in the resend order receipt (only for bundled products).

[ZPD-3351] - Webstore - Add-on price is not being displayed if tier price is associated with the product.

the [ZPD-2704] - Admin -- Orders --> In manage order page, unit price is shown as double amount for add-on items.

[ZPD-3560] - Search does not work if the SKU has a space in the SKU nomenclature.

[ZPD-3600] - Marketing - Promotion - A few selected catalogs are not being displayed.

[ZPD-3583] - Application/webstore cache: Facing issues when webstore cache is on.

[ZPD-3579] - PIM - Products - Product quantity is not being displayed for downloadable products.

[ZPD-3568] - Admin -- Manage Order --> Partial Return tax is calculated incorrectly.

[ZPD-3510] - Admin - Product Feed - Updated SEO details are not being displayed in Product feeds.

[ZPD-3602] -    Marketing - Navigation tabs are not being displayed when creating a new promotion.

[ZPD-3597] - OMS - Orders - Duplicate product name is being displayed for group products.

[ZPD-3497] - Webstore - Inventory is not reverted for the add-on product.

[ZPD-3425] - Webstore - Add-on is displayed with the product even if it is optional.

[ZPD-3354] - Webstore - Duplicate add-ons are being displayed on shopping cart page.

[ZPD-3337] - OMS - Orders - Product quantity is not getting updated when adding products from the add product section.

[ZPD-3276] - PIM - Products - Group/Bundle/Configurable - List is not displayed when Available Inventory for Sorting is clicked.

[ZPD-3312] - OMS - Manage Order - Quantity is being displayed as 0 when a few products are shipped separately.

[ZPD-3084] - OMS - Orders - Order details are successfully changed message is not displayed when order details are updated.

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