Configuring General Account Settings

Navigate to: Customers > Accounts > "Manage" action > General Settings

Note: After an Account is saved, Administrators manage the additional settings and options located in the Accounts tabs via the "Manage" action.

B2B Accounts have several tabs which Administrators use to manage and maintain key areas necessary for an enterprise-level eCommerce platform, as follows:




Account Information


The Administrator selects the store for which he is creating the Account.

Account Name

The Account Name for the created Account.

Sales RepThis is an optional field that allows Administrators to associate a Sales Rep user with the Account
Account Code
The unique value which identifies the Account.

External ID
The Administrator selects the store for which he/she is creating the Account.

Default selection indicates the catalog associated with the Store.

The specific selection allows the Administrator to select any published catalog with the Account.

Address Details

Account Address Details

The Address Details entered at the time of Account creation becomes the default Address for the Account. New Addresses are associated with the Account via the Address tab.

Billing/Shipping Address Checkboxes
The address can be designated as a Billing or Shipping default(s).

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