Znode B2B Accounts Introduction



Znode accounts allow B2B companies to manage their Customer Accounts in Znode.  Accounts allow you to configure your specific business needs, such as unique product catalogs, unique prices, and multiple user accounts.

Preparing a New Account for Znode

When a new B2B customer has to be added to Znode, prepare the following steps

  1. Decide if you want a unique product assortment and create unique categories (Managing Categories) and a catalog (Managing Catalogs) for the Account.
  2. Decide if you want unique price lists and create them (Managing-price-lists).
  3. Gather shared addresses (e.g. shared billing and shipping addresses).
  4. If linking to an external ERP, get the unique ERP ID for the account (to save to the Account External ID). This can be used by a custom integration that sends orders to the ERP to pass the ERP identifiable account ID.
  5. Determine approval management  (configuring-approval-management-for-a-user) needs this customer account wants to have 
  6. Gather a list of users for the Account.

Determine if Administrators want to use Child Accounts

Administrators can decide to have one level of child accounts under an account. This can be helpful if it has, for example, different regions and needs to change products, prices, or permissions by region.

Why Use a child account?

  1. If Administrators want different products for a group of account users
  2. If Administrators want different prices for a group of users
  3. If Administrators want different Account Managers for different groups of users

When the child account is set up, the managers of the child account will be able to manage and see the orders of just their child account.  And the managers of the main account will be able to see and manage all orders and child accounts.

Setup the Customer Accounts

See Adding an Account

See Managing & Configuring Accounts

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