Managing Additional Account Attributes

Navigate to: Customers > Accounts > Manage Account > Additional Attributes

Managing Additional Attributes

Additional account settings can be managed using account attributes.



Voucher Settings

Voucher Expiration Reminder Email (In Days) - Administrators can set the number of days prior to the voucher expiration date, and a reminder email will be sent to the account customers to use the voucher.

This setting works for customers who are associated with the account. When there is no value saved against this field, then the value is taken from Voucher Expiration Reminder Email (In Days) setting saved against the respective Store for sending the reminder email

Business Details

Business Identification Number - Administrators can set Business Identification Number (also known as VAT registration certificate) with the Account and the same value can then be used by all the users associated with the Account. This input will then be used during VAT Tax amounts calculations through Avatax.

Adding Custom Account Additional Attributes

Using Global attributes you can create additional custom attributes for accounts to store other pieces of information you need for each account. 

Custom Account Global Attribute Groups and Custom Account Global Attributes you create for each group will appear here:

To add New Account Global Attributes see: Managing Global Attributes

To add New Account Global Attribute Groups see: Managing Global Attribute Groups

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