Release Notes

Release Date: November 9, 2020


Release Information

Znode 9.6.2 release includes a new feature, enhancements, and some minor bug fixes.

The highlights of this release are: Default image and image resize settings, and manual image generation provision has been moved to a global level. Images uploaded to the DAM from anywhere in the application will now be automatically generated in the required sizes without any manual efforts.

Breaking Changes

Image Settings & Image Generation Default image and image resize settings, and manual image generation provision has been moved to a global level, therefore different image sizes cannot be defined for different stores. It will be mandatory to manually generate the images once after upgrading to Znode v9.6.2

New Feature

[ZPD-11534] - Widget Templates and Content Widgets


Admin users can now create and manage custom content widgets using global attribute families for different Locale, User Profile, and Widget Template combinations. This will provide more flexibility in creating custom content widgets and managing the same content widgets with different content for different user groups.

Note: This release includes only the admin application configurations for widget templates and content widgets. The upcoming release will include the web store and the theme changes for the content widgets.

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[ZPD-10403] - Image Settings & Image Generation Changes


Admin users can now manage the Default Image and Image Resize settings for all stores globally. Also, the following enhancements related to image generation are introduced:

  • Images uploaded to the DAM from anywhere in the application will automatically get generated in the required sizes so that admin users do not have to manually generate the images every time a new image is uploaded.

  • A button to generate an image in the defined sizes is added on the Edit Media screen so that in case image generation fails, admin users can edit the media file and can generate the image from there.

  • Whenever images are generated manually, only the images whose required image sizes are not generated will get generated.

  • The image size generation process will generate only those images whose required sizes are not available.

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[ZPD-12687/ZLMC-1770] - Provision To Move License Folder Outside The API Folder


Developers can now use absolute as well as relative paths for the License folder.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-11909/ZLMC-1582] - Web Store - When the width of an image is less compared to height then the image used to get stretched.

[ZPD-12337/ZLMC-1689] - Admin - The rich text box for content blocks was not allowing SPAN and SVG tags in the source code.

[ZPD-12426/ZLMC-1706] - Web Store - The address validation on the Checkout page did not use to work when the added zip code was shared by multiple cities.

[ZPD-12571/ZLMC-1726] - The methods of following files were not protected virtual and were therefore made protected virtual:

  • ISearchService/SearchService

  • IPublishProductService/PublishProductService

  • IWebstoreWedgetService/WebstoreWedgetService

[ZPD-10037/ZLMC-1325] - Admin - Some navigation options did not use to appear after resetting a password until the user is logged out and then re-logged in.

[ZPD-10611/ZLMC-1347] - Web Store - When an item is added to the cart through the Quick Order feature, and then the shopping cart is updated, all the products available in the shopping cart used to get removed.

[ZPD-11627/ZLMC-1532] - Admin - Test Email feature did not use to work for multiple email addresses.

[ZPD-11640] - Web Store - Maxwell’s Hardware theme - Different color was getting displayed for recently opened page icons.

[ZPD-12452] - Admin - Different validation messages were getting displayed for the same field when different actions were performed and therefore the messages for all required scenarios were made consistent.

[ZPD-12508] - Admin - Tax Names in Associate Taxes popup were linked to the Edit Tax screen and therefore when a tax name was clicked, it used to redirect users to the Edit Tax screen.

[ZPD-12534] - Admin - Order Receipt was displaying all coupon codes with the same prefixes when a single coupon was applied to an order.

[ZPD-12544] - Web Store - The UI of the product mini listing used to break whenever a long description was added for a product.

[ZPD-12609] - Web Store - When a PayFlow payment method was selected first and then the shipping method, then only the Subtotal used to get sent to the payment gateway.

[ZPD-12625/ZLMC-1751] - Web Store - Search did not use to work for the Associate Categories popup for the Manage Store Experience screen.

[ZPD-12671/ZLMC-1758] - Admin - The submitted content was not getting displayed in the email received for the contact request.

[ZPD-12762/ZLMC-1783] - Web Store - If the URL has a lower case and the class name in the body is in the upper case then the application did not use to display the selected navigation option.

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