Release Notes

Release Date: October 29, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes some minor bug fixes, and the following enhancements merged from Znode version:

  • Improved User authentication
  • Improved Payment API Security


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.



[ZPD-15872] - Payment API Security Enhancement


The token utilization process for user authentication has been improved. This enhancement has made the Payment API utilization more secure.

Note: The basic authorization is removed and a GUID and private key-based authorization is used.

Issue Resolved

[ZPD-15824/ZLMC-2847] - Web Store - 'Job/Project Name' info entered at the time of placing the order was not getting displayed on Thank you page.


[ZPD-15742] - Admin - When a new product was created, the default value of the attribute was not getting displayed/selected by default. Also, when a new attribute was added to a family and then an existing product was edited, the default value of the attribute was not getting displayed/selected by default.


[ZPD-15705/ZLMC-2793] - Admin and Web store -The #FirstName# macro in the Reset Password email sent to the user was showing the email address which actually should be the first name of the person.


[ZPD-15555/ZLMC-2758] - Admin - Some Global Attributes were created and were placed in their own Group. The group was showing in the Stores > Additional Attributes section, but the attributes were not loading. But when an entry was made manually in the database, those attributes appeared in the Store > Additional Attributes page.


[ZPD-15501/ZLMC-2745] - Admin - Publishing products for multiple locales resulted in products getting published in only the default locale


[ZPD-15123/ZLMC-2636] - Web Store - After logging in on the web store and hovering on the category panel multiple times, it resulted in showing duplicate categories


[ZPD-15009/ZPD-15255/ZLMC-2599] - Admin and Web Store - Certain missing City/State/Territories were observed in the address dropdown on the Check Out page.


[ZPD-14934] - Admin - Out of stock message was being displayed for Downloadable Product even after the downloadable product flag was enabled.


[ZPD-15535/ZLMC-2752] - Admin - When a third party PIM was integrated with Znode and was adding a product through an API, Znode was unable to respond back although the product was added in Znode which lead the third party API to again create the same product using the same API call considering that the product was not added in Znode. Znode was unable to detect that this is the same product that was created that resulted in storing a duplicate product.


[ZPD-15114/ZLMC-2632] - Web Store - While re-ordering from the Webstore, if the order contained items for whom Ship Separately was set to true and the same was partially shipped, the shopping cart created for the order was incorrect, i.e., it used split cart items for the same SKU.


[ZPD-15203/ZLMC-2658] - Admin - There was a mapping issue in some Email Template Area Names and the associated Template Names


[ZPD-15462/ZLMC-2718] - Admin - Import logs were not getting viewed through the connector log.


[ZPD-15585/ZLMC-2070] - Admin - Procedure Znode_DeleteAccount was locking the ZnodeAccount table when a large number of accounts were deleted.


[ZPD-15503] - Admin - Tax amount was getting removed from the Order when CSR discount was applied after deleting a line item(s).


[ZPD-15564] - GetAspNetUserDetails() and CreateOwinUser() methods were made public and virtual within UserService.cs class  so that custom methods can be implemented when required.


[ZPD-15591] - Admin and Web Store - Authenticated users were not being checked for requested tokens.


[ZPD-15315] - Admin -  Payment API was getting accessed from outside the website.

Important: The basic authorization is removed and a GUID and private key-based authorization in  Initialize method of the BaseController file.


[ZPD-15716/ZLMC-2803] - Web Store - When a website user tried to log in via the storefront, and their password has expired, there was no error shown and also, it did not redirect to the "change password" page. It simply took the user to the homepage and left the user logged out


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