Release Notes

Release Date: August 11, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes one minor enhancement and some minor bug fixes.


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-14971/ZLMC-2579] - New Filters On Products List Page


New filters "Status" and "Publish Status" are added to the Admin Products filter section.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-15249/ZLMC-2669] - Admin - New users created as approvers were unable to view their own order history when associated with a new account.


[ZPD-15245/ZLMC-2665] - Admin - Robots.txt update was not working for Multiple Stores.


[ZPD-15169/ZLMC-2649] - Admin - While editing the Content Widget, their variants were not getting saved properly for the PromoCardWidgetGroupSection, as the image property was blank upon saving.


[ZPD-14988/ZLMC-2594] - Admin and Web Store - Logs were not reflected in Admin Application Logs.


[ZPD-14966/ZLMC-2574/ZPD-13245/ZLMC-1896] - Admin - When an Admin user impersonates another user and adds products, the cart of the impersonated user was getting merged with the cart of the admin user. 


[ZPD-14881/ZLMC-2542] - Admin - An email was triggered to the respective user showing the details of the inactive voucher when the setting 'Would You Like To Email Customer' was enabled.


[ZPD-14880/ZLMC-2541] - Admin - When an existing Voucher’s Remaining Amount was updated and 'Would You Like To Email Customer' setting was enabled, the voucher amount was getting displayed incorrectly on the Web Store.

[ZPD-14753] - Admin - Changes were not getting saved and an error message was visible on the screen when a user tried editing a downloadable product and deleting the inventory.


[ZPD-14739/ZLMC-2296] - Web Store - When a customer (shopper) edits his profile information from a Web Store, the Account that was associated with the customer account used to get removed. 


[ZPD-14682/ZLMC-2478] - Admin - Error message was getting displayed when a Custom Report was created.


[ZPD-14681/ZLMC-2477] - Admin - Product details page of a configurable product was taking more than the average time to load the price-related details when it had more than 100 variants associated with it.


[ZPD-14669] - Web Store - All state names were displayed in lower case for Mexico country when an address was selected on the Checkout Page.


[ZPD-14632/ZLMC-2461] - Web Store - UPS shipping method was not loading on the Checkout page when a specific address was selected.


[ZPD-14610/ZLMC-2451] - Admin - Email Security/Concurrency Issue: When two users simultaneously try to generate their password from the Forgot Password section, the CPU used to generate an error while processing the requests parallelly.


[ZPD-14461/ZLMC-2393] - Admin - Image generation process used to generate an error file in API\\Logs after all images were uploaded from DAM to Azure. 


[ZPD-14303] - Admin - While configuring a featured product when all products were deleted, their association was not removed and no success message was displayed.


[ZPD-14143/ZLMC-2233] - Admin and Web Store - When a new promotion "Percent off Displayed Product Price" was created and associated with a particular profile, the promotion did not reflect on the Shopping Cart and Product details pages.

[ZPD-14116] - Admin - File upload popup was not visible clearly when users click on the “Multiple Upload” button and selected the cross-link.


[ZPD-14107] - Admin - When a user selects Users -> Profile Tab after a new user was associated with the account, it was observed that existing profiles were not removed and the newly created profile was not selected as the default profile.



[ZPD-14069] - Admin - The sequence of product attributes did not reflect on the Web Store even after changing the “Display Order value” setting from PIM >> Product Attributes >> Add/Edit Product Attribute section.


[ZPD-13244/ZLMC-1900] - Admin - Two error messages used to get displayed on the Login screen at the same time when a user tries to reset and submit a blank username and password. 


[ZPD-12580] - Web Store - When products were added from Quick Order’s Paste Multiple sections, the products were added from the 2nd row, and the 1st row used to display an invalid message.


[ZPD-14774/ZLMC-2504] - Admin - User did not receive any email notifications when an existing voucher amount was updated.

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