Release Notes

Release Date: May 21, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes a minor enhancement and some bug fixes.


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-14185/ZLMC-2248] - Encrypted Username For Reset Password Feature


The Username used for resetting the password will now be sent in an encrypted format in the Reset Password URL.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-13825/ZLMC-2071] - The URL mentioned in the ts file had few capital letters (/Checkout/OrderCheckoutReceipt) because of which orders were not reflecting in the GA account.

[ZPD-14600/ZLMC-2447] - Admin - Images were not getting generated when Azure storage was used. 

[ZPD-14536/ZLMC-2416] - Admin - The default value for the Yes/No type global attribute was not getting saved in DB whenever any entity record was created.

[ZPD-14501/ZLMC-2404] - Web Store - Incorrect number of configurable attributes were getting displayed on the PDP of a configurable product.

[ZPD-14470/ZLMC-2396] - Web Store - Instead of a dropdown with predefined values, a text input box was getting displayed for State fields on the Checkout page for countries other than US and Canada.

[ZPD-14325/ZLMC-2308] - Web Store - Error message gets displayed after clearing SKUs from Quick Order list.

[ZPD-14305] - Admin - Family Code column was visible in the data grid but was not visible in the Columns dropdown on the Media Attributes list page.

[ZPD-14166] - Admin and Web Store - Swatch images from the Highlights attribute were not getting displayed on the PDP.

[ZPD-14080] - Web Store - When one quantity of a configurable product with two personalization values is added to Cart, then instead of one, two quantities were getting added.

[ZPD-14079] - Admin - The status of Blogs/News pages was not getting saved as Drafts when changes were made to it.

[ZPD-14070/ZLMC-2192] - Web Store - The products were not getting loaded based on the selected default sorting criteria after the PLP and Search Results page is initially loaded.

[ZPD-14472/ZLMC-2395] - Admin - Open in a new tab functionality was not working for Link widgets.

[ZPD-14369/ZLMC-2337] - Admin - When the import process is failed due to a DB error, then also the Import Status gets displayed as Started and no errors get logged in the import logs.

[ZPD-14205/ZLMC-2256] - Web Store - Previously added Country used to get selected when a customer (shopper) tries to add a new address from the Checkout page and the data in the ZnodeState table was not proper.

[ZPD-14562/ZLMC-2424] - New custom columns were required in the ZnodeOmsQuote

ZnodeOmsQuoteLineItem tables and therefore 5 custom columns were added.

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