Release Notes

Release Date: February 8, 2022


Release Information

Znode release includes some minor bug fixes, and the following enhancements merged from Znode 9.7.1  version:

  • Implementation of new PayPal Payment Statuses 
  • Improved Search Results
  • Improved Web Store Performance


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.



[ZPD-16421] - New Payment Statuses For PayPal

Administration / Commerce

New payment statuses are implemented namely "Warning" & "Payment Pending for Review ''  to get updates for the payments for the orders which will be helpful in scenarios when the payment for an order is deducted from the source i.e Paypal account of the customer (shopper) but has not reached the merchant/admin account. In such scenarios, the order will still be placed with the appropriate payment status that will be coming through PayPal. These statuses will not be automatically updated but then the admin will have the capability to update this status manually to ‘Authorized’ or ‘Failed’ based on whether the payment is received in the account or not.

[ZPD-16394/ZLMC-3049/ZPD-16138/ZLMC-2933] - Search Result Improvements

Shopper Experience

There are numerous enhancements made to the search profile which can be seen below:

  • The hardcode configuration of the GetAutoSuggestions method  is removed to make it flexible
  • Search term present in the prefix will now be displayed on the top of the search. In order to boost the prefix, wildcard queries are used

[ZPD-13822] - Performance: Web Store

Shopper Experience

The performance of the Web Store has been improved by reducing the number of Ajax calls  and also through the creation JS or CSS bundles

Issue Resolved


[ZPD-16192] - Admin - While editing a News/Blog, on the Content Source tab, when searching for an existing content page, the Content Pages popup appeared and it was closing as soon as it was scrolled downwards.



[ZPD-16166/ZLMC-2937] - Admin and Web Store - After an email address update was made from the web store, the respective user's External ID field was blanked out which was saved from the Admin application as well as the user's Account was removed which was associated with the Admin application


[ZPD-16103/ZLMC-2918] - Web Store - If  the SKU is searched and if it exactly matches an item in the search list, then that one will show at the top


[ZPD-16014] - Admin - An order was placed from the web store with two line items. The same order was managed from the admin application wherein one line item was deleted, the quantity for the second line item was increased and saved. As soon as it was saved an error was observed with respect to the payment.


[ZPD-16008/ZLMC-2895] - Admin and Web Store - Tier pricing was set for a specific profile. A Percent Off Promotion with Coupon was created and was applied. It was seen that the Coupon was getting applied on the base price rather than the tiered price set for that specific profile.


[ZPD-15561/ZLMC-2760] - Admin - While changing the locale on the product management page for a specific product, the Multi Select Attribute value was not getting selected properly.


[ZPD-14941/ZLMC-2565] - Admin - Exporting the product list report was failing when additional columns were added to the report.


[ZPD-14909] - Admin - Few vouchers were created and assigned to a user. On the manage user page on the voucher tab, one of the vouchers was selected out of the list and the deactivated button was clicked. After doing so the selected voucher got unselected and a validation message was displayed saying "Please select at least one record" 


[ZPD-14535/ZLMC-2415] - In some specific scenarios, when a user entered the wrong billing address and wrong Credit Card details,  they were able to successfully checkout and proceed further.


[ZPD-17374] - Web Store - Upon placing an order, the logged-in users were getting redirected to the Homepage which was to be redirected to the order history page



[ZPD-16728/ZLMC-3087] - Admin - The log SEO Slug was set to type Error which actually should have been type Info which was resulting in numerous entries in the error log



[ZPD-13011/ZLMC-1856] - Web Store -  At the time of ordering a configurable product, the personalized data is seen against the child product. But at the time of Re-Ordering, the personalized data was seen against the parent product, not against the child product.


[ZPD-10895/ZLMC-1449] - Admin - Horizontal scrollbar  was missing in the All Logs page in the Application Logs section


[ZPD-14535/ZLMC-2415] - In some specific scenarios, when a user entered the wrong billing address and wrong CC details,  they were able to successfully checkout and proceed further.

[ZPD-15941/ZLMC-2871] - Web Store - The Cancel Button and the Submit Button on the Forget Password were not working appropriately

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