Release Notes

June 19, 2019


Checkout Page Enhancements

Shopper Experience

Following new enhancements are introduced on Checkout Page:-

UI changes in Shipping and Billing Address sections :

In Shipping and Billing Address sections, the position of Edit button is changed.

Also, the Add New button which used to appear after Edit was clicked is added outside the Edit Address form.

Address options change in Shipping and Billing Address sections :

Earlier,  addresses saved in Shipping Address (in previous orders)  section used to get loaded in the address selection dropdown of Shipping Address section. This was similar for the Billing Address section as well. 

With this release, addresses saved as Shipping Address and as Billing Address, both will get loaded in Shipping Address and Billing Address sections.

To implement the above enhancements, 

  • Changes were made in the following:

    • _AddressOption.cshtml

    • _BillingShippingName.cshtml

    • _AccountAddress.cshtml

    • _DisplayAddress.cshtml

    • DeleteCurrentAddress method of User.ts file

    • GetshippingBillingAddress method of CheckoutController.cs file

    • SetIsBillingShippingDifferentFlag and SetBillingShippingFlags methods of UserAgent.cs file

    • AddressViewModel.cs file

  • Also, the following new methods were added

    • RefreshAddressOptions, OnShippingAddressSelectionChange and OnBillingAddressSelectionChange in Checkout.ts file.

    • GetshippingBillingAddress in ZnodeEndpoint.ts

    • RefreshAddressOptions in CheckoutController.cs

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