Release Notes

June 28, 2019


Optimized Notification Messages And Labels

Administration / Shopper experience

With this release, admin users and customers (shoppers) will see more user-friendly and easily understandable labels and notification messages for every activity they will perform throughout the application.

To implement these, changes were made in the following files:-

  • Admin_Resouces.resx

  • Api_Resouces.resx

  • Attributes_Resouces.resx

  • ERP_Resouces.resx

  • GlobalSetting_Resouces.resx

  • MediaManager_Resouces.resx

  • PIM_Resouces.resx

  • Webstore_Resouces.resx

  • ResouceConstant.cs

  • Admin_Resouces.Designer.cs

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-6034] - Web store - No validation message was getting displayed for invalid Zip code input on the Checkout page.

To resolve this issue,

  • New methods ValidateAddressForm, IsValidZipCode, and RemoveValidationMessage were added in User.ts file

  • A new file ZnodeRegExHelper.cs was added

  • Changes were made in

    • RecommendedAddress method of User.ts file

    • BundleConfig.cs file

    • Webstore Resource file

[ZPD-6219] - Web store & Payment Gateway - For guest checkouts, the generated invoice number was not getting saved in the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway because Order ID was not mapped to the required field. 

To resolve this issue, changes made in 

  • CreateTransaction and Refund methods of AuthorizeNetCustomerProvider class in Payment API

  • SubmitOrder and SetAmazonAddress methods of CheckoutAgent class in Multifront Project

[ZPD-6371] - Admin - Attribute Entry was not getting updated in the DB when configurable products were imported.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in Znode_ImportPimProductData stored procedure.

[ZPD-5623/ZLMC-321/] - Admin, Web store & Payment Gateway - Orders placed using Amazon Pay were not getting saved in Znode but were getting saved at Amazon Pay’s end.

To resolve this issue changes were made in SubmitOrder method of checkout agent class.

[ZPD-5772/ZLMC-413] - Admin - Info logs were getting logged against Error trace level. 

To resolve this issue, changes were made in

  • GetProductAttribute method of PublishProductService file

  • GetShippingEstimates method of ShoppingCartService file

[ZPD-6141/ZLMC-503] -  Admin, Web store & Payment Gateway - Orders placed using PayPal Express were not getting saved in Znode but were getting saved at PayPal’s end.

To resolve this issue,

  • ShippingCost, TaxCost, and TotalDiscount properties were added in SubmitOrderViewModel in PayPalPayment method of checkout.ts file

  • ShoppingCardModel, ShippingCost, and TaxCost properties were set with SubmitOrderViewModel for the case when shippingCost and TaxCost will be zero.

[ZPD-6429] - Admin - Publish Status was not getting displayed when a copy of an existing store was created.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in Znode_CopyPortal stored procedure.

[ZPD-6382/ZLMC-558/ZPD-6384/ZLMC-560] - Admin & Web store - Index creation process used to take a long time to complete.

To resolve this issue, code has been optimized and changes were made in ProductAttributeMapper.cs class.


Index creation process became very slow  because of this new implementation - "[ZPD-1615] - Display facets of child products on product listing page"

Therefore this new implementation has been reverted in this release and will be covered with a new approach in one of the coming releases.

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