Release Notes

January 17, 2020

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-8308/ZLMC-1033] - Admin - Only the admin users who created folders under DAM were able to delete them respectively.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in DeleteFolder and RenameMedia methods of MediaServices.cs file.

[ZPD-8498/ZLMC-1080] - Web store - In Znode, the way of dealing with a genuine “Page Not Found” use case is to redirect users to a "404" content page. In such scenarios, the web-store used to display the correct web page to users but in the raw HTTP side, the application used to return a "302" or "307" status code.

Because the status code used was not 404, the search engines did not use to remove the non-existent pages from their indices.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in:

  • PageNotFound method of ErrorPageController.cs file

  • WebstoreConstants.cs file

  • ErrorPage.cshtml

  • Global.asax.cs

Please refer the Technical Document for more information.

[ZPD-8603] - Web store - Browsers used to save the entire web store page in the cache due to whenever users used to Back and Forward actions, then the Cart used to display the cached count.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in:

  • OnResultExecuting method of NoCacheAttribute file

  • CartController file

  • CheckoutController file

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