Release Notes

April 10, 2020

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-9220/ZLMC-1198/ZPD-9652/ZLMC- 1257] - Web Store - Product sorting on the web-store was case-sensitive and was therefore made case-insensitive.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in 

  • ConfigureIndex method of ElasticSearchIndexer.cs file

  • AddSortToSearchQuery method of BaseQuery.cs file.

[ZPD-9588/ZLMC-1249] - Admin & Web Store - When an order is placed successfully with Purchase Order with a document attached, the document did not used to get displayed in the Manage Order screen.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in

  • GetAuthorizationHeader method of BaseClient.cs file

  • GetAjaxHeaders method of CheckoutController.cs file

[ZPD-9653/ZLMC-1261] - Admin & Web Store - When product listing options were saved for multiple stores, they used to work on one store but not on the other.

To resolve this issue, 

  • Changes were made in GetPortalSortSettingList and GetPortalPageSettingList methods of PortalService.cs file

  • GetUpdatedFiltersforPageAndSort and GetModifiedFiltersforPageAndSort methods were added in PortalService.cs file

[ZPD-9707/ZLMC-1271] - Web Store - 301 URL created for one store used to work for other stores as well.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in GetActive301RedirectsFromCache and GenerateCacheKeyForURLRedirect methods of UrlRedirectAgent.cs file

[ZPD-9709/ZLMC-1272] - Admin - Filter with operator 'Is' did not used to work for comma-separated values on Synonyms and Keywords Redirect screens.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in the following files:

  • BaseClient.cs

  • QueryStringParser.cs

  • DynamicClauseHelper.cs

  • ZnodeApiSetting.cs

  • Znode.Engine.Admin : Web.config

  • Znode.Engine.Api: Web.config

  • Znode.Engine.Webstore : Web.config

[ZPD-9813] - Product Feed (sitemap) Products had 'Priority' misspelled as 'Priority'.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in CreateXMLSiteMapForAll of ZnodeRssWriter.cs file.

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