Copying a B Store (in Admin)

Navigate to: Stores & Reps > B Stores > “Copy” action icon

On the B Stores page, administrators can use the copy feature to duplicate an existing B Store using these steps:

  1. Click the “Copy” Copyicon.pngin the B Store list.
  2. The Copy B Store popup opens.

  3. Specify the new B Store Name, B Store Code, and Subdomain. Click Save.
  4. The new B Store has been added to the B Store list.
  5. The “Copy” action duplicates all the contents of the following sections to the new store:
    1. General Info
    2. Contact Info
    3. Design
    4. Content
    5. Products
    6. Additional Attributes
    7. Analytics
    8. Robots.txt

Note: The user information of the B Store does not get copied to the new B Store.

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