B Store Products (In Admin)

Navigate to: Stores & Reps > B Stores > Manage > Products

The Products list is the central location in Znode for Administrators to create and manage the products that appear on the B Store.

For B Stores, there are two ways the administrator can manage the products based on the settings made in the General Info section.

  1. If “Do you want to specify products” is unchecked, in General Info,  then all the categories as well as products of the chosen catalog appear in the storefront. In this case, the administrator is able to click through the categories and see which products will be displayed.

  2. If “Do you want to specify products” is checked, in General Info, then the administrator can decide which products and categories will appear in the storefront. Each category and product will have a checkbox that can be checked/unchecked to show/hide products and categories in the B Store.

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