Commerce Portal - Order Edit - Order Flags

This feature was introduced in Znode 9.9


Navigate to: Commerce Portal Pages > Order Edit >> Order Flags

All the Order Flags that are associated with the Order Types as well as added by the users will be listed here in an open state unless their status has been updated. 

Users can add new Order Flags by clicking on “Add Flags” which will display the list of Flags that are defined in the admin console and are not added to the Order yet. 

Users can also search for specific Flags and add them to the Order in the open state.

Order Flags will be categorized as:

  • Open
    • Flags that are unresolved will be marked in an open state and will require action to finalize an Order.
    • Flag Name Unchecked will be displayed when the Flag is in open state.
  • Completed
    • Flags that are resolved will be marked as completed and no further action will be required.
    • Users can still change the status of these Flags from completed to open.
    • Flag Name Checked will be displayed when the Flag is in completed state.
  • Overridden
    • If the flag is marked as an overridden flag i.e. no action is required to finalize an order.
    • Users who are part of User Groups associated with the Flags can change the status of the Flag from open to overridden or vice-versa.
    • Only users who are a part of the User Groups linked to the Flag will have the ability to make it an Overridden Flag.
    • Name Overridden will be displayed when the Flag is marked as an overridden Flag.

For all the Flags, the following actions will be available:

  •   Checkbox
    • When unchecked, the flag will be in the open state.
    • When checked, the flag will be in the completed state
  •   Override icon
    • This icon will be displayed for the open flags for which IsOverridden is set to YES.
    • Clicking on that icon will convert the flag to an overridden flag and will be displayed as the following:

  •   Cross Icon
    • When clicked, the Flag will be removed from the Order.

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