Commerce Portal - My Profile

This feature was introduced in Znode 9.9

Navigate to: Commerce Portal Pages > My Profile

Users will be able to manage their profile through the “My Profile” section in the Commerce Portal. On the My Profile page, the logged-in users will be able to view and manage the following information:

  • Personal Information
    • Username (non-editable)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  • View Managers
    • Here the list of managers will be displayed who are added as Managers for the logged-in users.
  • View Delegates
    • Here the list of delegates will be displayed who are added as Delegates for the logged-in users.
    • Also, the logged-in users can add other users as their delegates using the “Add a Delegate” button if and only if the permission “Can Delegate” is set to true.
      • On click to “Add a Delegate” button, a new row will be added where the user can add his/her delegates.
      • It will be a type ahead field where users can search for a respective user and select him/her.
      • List of users will be filtered based on the following parameters:
        • Znode Admin Users with at least 1 Commerce Portal role with permission “Can be assigned to Orders”.
      • After selecting the user, clicking on the “Add” button will add that user as a delegate to the respective user.
  • Change Password
    • Using this feature, the logged-in user can change the password.
  • Log Out
    • Logged-in User can log out from the Commerce Portal using this button.

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