Commerce Portal - Order Edit - Shipping

This feature was introduced in Znode 9.9

Navigate to: Commerce Portal Pages > Order Edit > Shipping

Users can add the following information in the Shipping Section of an Order:

  • Ship to Address
    • Users can change the shipping address of the user/customer for whom the Order is being created (if available). If not then it will be mandatory for them to add a Ship To Address for the user/customer.
    • The Customer's default Address will be selected as the Ship to Address as soon as the Order is created.
    • This is a mandatory field for an Order.
  • Ship To Phone
    • Once the products are added to the Order, the shipping methods will be displayed for the users to choose from.
    • This is a mandatory field for an Order
  • Tracking Number
    • This is an optional field where the users can add tracking information related to an Order.
  • In-Hands Date
    • This is an expected in-hand date for an Order. 
    • Users can change the in-hand date at any time but cannot select previous dates.
  • Shipping Options
    • This works as an input whether to deliver the Order partially or completely.
  • Shipping Notes
    • Users can add shipping-related notes for an Order. 
    • Notes added will be displayed in the shipping tab of an Order.

Important Points:

  • In this release of the Commerce Portal, the only shipping method that will work as expected is Custom Shipping >> Flat Rate Per Item.
  • To make changes to an Order, it must be editable, and the user must have edit Order-related permissions.
  • It is mandatory to save shipping-related changes using the “Save Shipping Details” button in the Shipping section of an Order.

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