Release Notes

Release Date: December 11, 2020

Issues Resolved


[ZPD-13229] - Admin & Web Store - When any coupon was applied for a configurable product then after order placement, discounted price was not getting saved in Vertex.


[ZPD-13100/ZLMC-1868] - Web Store - There were issues in payment processing due to a missing line of code. 


[ZPD-13213] - Admin - The sort and filter functionalities were not working for specific Guest Users list columns.


[ZPD-11002] - HTML tags were getting displayed in the Product Comparison email.
To resolve this issue, HtmlDecode was added to the messageText


[ZPD-13140] - Admin - Order line item status was getting displayed under the Tracking Number column for Returned Products on the Manage Order screen.


[ZPD-13153] - Admin - The Last Name was getting displayed under the Phone number column on the Orders list screen.


[ZPD-13171] - Order email used to display the incorrect value of Discount when line item status was changed to Shipped.


[ZPD-13172] - Admin - A payment popup was getting displayed on the Manage Order screen after the line item status was changed.


[ZPD-13175] - Admin - The search was working for Username even when there is no Username column for the Orders list. Also, a search using a Phone Number was required.


[ZPD-13009] - Chrome Specific Issue - Admin - After clicking the Back action from the Manage Order screen, the Orders list used to display the search results of the second last searched keyword.


[ZPD-13044/ZPD-13046] - Admin & Web Store - When certain or all quantities of a line item are returned, the non-discounted price gets returned instead of the discounted price. This occurs when a CSR discount is used or when the value of “Pre-Authorize Transactions Without Capturing” is true for the payment method.


[ZPD-13204] - Admin - Promotion discounts for the configurable products were getting removed from the Order when the line item status is changed from the Manage Order screen.


[ZPD-13206] - Admin & Web Store -  Users were not able to place an order when “Save This Credit Card” is selected during the order creation process.

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