Release Notes

Release Date: September 22, 2020


[ZPD-12296] - Vertex Integration Enhancements


Unnecessary calls were initiated to Vertex API when certain changes were made to the order from the Manage Order screen. Also, the details were not properly maintained in Vertex for Znode orders. Therefore the integration code has been enhanced so as to maintain clear details regarding the orders in the Vertex account.


  • If the Tax type applied to the order gets changed due to any recalculations then also order details will be available in the previously associated Tax accounts.

  • Purge Data After Export Tax field should be unchecked in Tax Journal Export Report page in the Vertex account otherwise Znode application will try to mark old records as rollbacked records, but due to unavailability, this will log an error in Znode Error Logs.

  • New tax price changes will reflect in the Vertex account only when Tax Journal is exported and the old changes will be rolled back.

  • In order to see tax price changes reflected in the Vertex account in reports, the following steps need to be performed:

    • Export a Tax Journal

    • Create a new report

  • Active tax price means the latest tax price saved against the order and Transaction Status=Active means that the respective tax price is the active tax price. In order to see the active tax price, Transaction Status = Active filter can be added to the reports.

[ZPD-12416] - API Request Timeout Setting In Config File


Users will now have the ability to manage the API Request Timeout duration from the web.config file.

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