Release Notes

Release Date: November 3, 2020


[ZPD-12796] - Performance: Create Order Workflow (Order/Create API) and Calculate Cart

Shopper Experience

To improve the performance of the Create Order workflow the default behavior of the ShoppingCartModel.IsCalculateRequired flag is reversed to avoid unnecessary recalculations.

This change will not only increase the performance but will also reduce the order creation time.

[ZPD-12611/ZPD-12859/ZPD-12862/ZPD-12886/ZPD-12891] - Performance: FedEx Shipping Estimates

Shopper Experience

Earlier, when there were multiple FedEx shipping options configured with the store, the application used to call FedEx service multiple times to get the estimates.

With this new implementation, the application will call FedEx service only once to get the estimates for all the FedEx shipping options configured with the store on the Checkout page.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-12764] - Web Store - The tax was getting displayed twice in the Order Receipt sent over emails.


[ZPD-12767] - Admin - Promotions and Coupons were getting removed when the line items status or order status is changed.


[ZPD-12819] - Admin - Promotions and Coupons were getting removed when the CSR Discount is updated.


[ZPD-12888] - The following methods of the PublishProductHelper.cs file were not virtual and therefore were made virtual:

  • GetAdditionalProductData

  • GetRequiredProductDetails

  •  BindProductDetails


[ZPD-12838] - API - New Order API Optimization could restrict admin users to cancel orders when inactive products are present in them.


[ZPD-12831] - Tiny MCE Editor was automatically converting the URL formats.

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