Release Notes

Date: August 20, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes the following enhanced fixes:

  • Improved User authentication
  • Improved Payment API Security


Breaking Changes

Please refer to the Breaking Changes Document for more information.


Issues Resolved

[ZPD-15503] - Admin - Tax amount was getting removed from the Order when CSR discount was applied after deleting a line item(s).


[ZPD-15442] - Web Store - After updating the Billing Address from the Address section, it was also getting updated in the Orders as well.


[ZPD-15315] - Admin -  Payment API was getting accessed from outside the website.

Important: The basic authorization is removed and a GUID and private key based authorization in  Initialize method of the BaseController file.


[ZPD-15564] - GetAspNetUserDetails() and CreateOwinUser() methods were made public and virtual within UserService.cs class  so that custom methods can be implemented when required.


[ZPD-15591] - Admin and Web Store - Authenticated users were not being checked for requested tokens.

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