Release Notes

Release Notes / Version / April 12, 2021


Release Information

Znode release includes some major optimization and performance improvement changes.


The highlights of this release are:

  • Cache Eviction improvements

  • Usage of Output Cache instead of Donut Cache for child actions

  • Removal of Clear Cache call from the change locale flow

  • Performance enhancement changes for Cart page of the web store

  • Performance enhancement changes for the Manage Order screen of the admin application


Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.


[ZPD-14130] - Cache Eviction

Shopper Experience

Znode provides a robust and extensible cache eviction framework that can be customized to efficiently evict data as needed within the application. The Cache Eviction code has been further optimized so that it can be customized easily to efficiently evict data, especially from multi-server environments.

[ZPD-14101/ZLMC-2209] - Removal Of Clear Cache Call From Change Locale Flow

Shopper Experience

Earlier, when a locale was changed from the web-store, the cache memory of the web-store server used to get cleared because of which the average time required to access the data for the first time after changing the locale used to increase. 

With this release, after changing the locale, the cache memory of the web-store server will not get cleared, thereby providing faster access to the cached data.

[ZPD-14131/ZLMC-2236] - Usage Of Output Cache Instead Of Donut Cache

Shopper Experience

Output Cache is now used instead of Donut Cache for the below actions:

  • HomeContent

  • TopLevelList - category list

  • FooterContent

  • CategoryContent

  • BriefContent

  • ContentPageContent

  • DetailsContent

This change will prevent any rare scenarios in which certain sections of the Category pages could display blank data.

[ZPD-14064] - Performance: Remove Items From Cart

Shopper Experience

When a line item or all line items from a Cart are removed, then instead of deleting line items from the database, a dummy Cart ID will be assigned in the respective tables so that the time required to perform removal of line items is reduced. This change will increase the performance of the Cart screen.

Important: Since this enhancement does not remove original line items from the database, therefore it will be important for project teams to execute deletion scripts after regular intervals so that unnecessary data can be removed from the database.

[ZPD-13978] - Performance: Manage Order Screen


The code for the Manage Order screen has been optimized to enhance the performance of the Manage Order screen operations and to reduce the time required to update the changes.


Issues Resolved

[ZPD-14115] - Emails were not getting sent when

  • Product information is shared from the web store

  • A form is submitted from the web store

  • Order Receipt is resent from admin application


[ZPD-14001/ZLMC-2153] - Whenever DB entities were called, the logs were always tracked.

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