Release Notes

Release Date: December 27, 2019


[ZPD-7884/ZLMC-965] - Order Summary Section Changes on Checkout Page

Shopper Experience

Earlier, the Order Summary section of the Checkout page used to display the Discount inclusive of shipping discounts and the Shipping used to display the non-discounted shipping price. Due to this, it used to give an impression to the customers (shoppers) that the calculations done on the Checkout page are incorrect.

Therefore with this release, the Discount would show only the discounts applicable on order subtotal and products (if any) excluding the shipping discount and the Shipping would show the discounted shipping price.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-7444/ZLMC-881] -  Web store - The Znode web stores used to throw a script error on all the pages when the web store was opened on the latest version of Chrome (77).


[ZPD-7688/ZLMC-934] - Web store - The Cart used to display zero count in IE 11 browser, but when the Cart page was opened, it used to display products.


[ZPD-7943/ZLMC-979] - Web store - Because of the error in payment processing of credit card (due to any reason) when a customer (shopper) used to try to use a different card or update the same card information to submit the order for the second time, the application used to display an error regarding missing email in the billing address.


[ZPD-7755/ZLMC-944] - Web store - For Cybersource, the authorization request used to fail in some scenarios.


[ZPD-7887/ZLMC-966] - Web store - When 2 or more customers with a different profile used to apply promotion, then the promotion did not use to work for the second and following customers.


[ZPD-8375/ZLMC-1040]  - Web store - Customer’s (shopper’s) cart was not getting merged when the customer used to login to the web store.

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