Release Notes

Release Date: December 13, 2019

New Features

[ZPD-5770] - Recommendation Engine (Beta)

Administration / Shopper Experience

Znode now provides product recommendation capability which allows admin users to enable product recommendations on Home Page, Product Page, and Cart Page of the web store.

This feature analyses the orders placed by all the customers (shoppers) and provides recommendations for products that the customers will be likely to purchase along with the products which they are currently viewing.


The performance and data storage - retrieval impacts will be handled and released in the next major release, therefore it is recommended to use the beta version of this feature for just testing purposes.

[ZPD-7810/ZPD-7811] - New CMS ZWidgets


Znode now provides Image and Video widgets for page templates using which the admin users will be able to configure images and videos directly for a CMS page.


Only one image and video can be configured using one Image widget and Video widget respectively.

Important: The new widgets are not added to any default Page Templates.


[ZPD-5882] - Publish To Preview On Save


The CMS pages will directly get published to Preview Mode when any CMS page content widgets are configured and saved.


This feature would work only when  Publish State - Preview is enabled from Global Settings and from web.config file for Text, Image, and Video widgets.

[ZPD-6653] - Page Template Thumbnail


Admin users will now be able to associate a preview image to the Page Templates. The associated preview images will then be visible in the Page Template selection dropdown on the Add Content Page page.

[ZPD-6810] - Provision To Save Empty SEO fields


Earlier when empty input was saved for default SEO Settings, the empty input used to get replaced with a default substitution variable whose value used to get reflected in the HTML code of the web store pages.

Because of this admin users did not have much power to keep the code consistent, therefore a provision to save empty default SEO Settings is introduced in this release. 

[ZPD-7211] - Automatic Deletion Of Old Data


Every time when a Catalog or Store Settings were published, a new set of data for new Publish ID used to get saved in the DB. There was no provision to delete the old data.

With this release, developers will have the ability to allow ‘automatic deletion of data from all the published versions’ OR ‘automatic deletion of data from all the published versions leaving the latest X published versions’ using a flag added in the web.config file.

[ZPD-7549] - Sales Rep Association With User account


With this release, admin users will have the ability to associate Sales Rep with a User account from the Edit User page. This association will be possible if and only if the Sales Rep account and User (could be a customer (shopper) or admin user or sales rep) account have at least one store association in common.

Important: One User account can be associated with only one Sales Rep account. This is irrespective of the number of records available for one User account on the Users list page.

[ZPD-7830] - Clubbed Buttons On Admin Pages Enhancement


Since ‘Save & Close’ is the most used action on the Znode admin application, therefore ‘Save & Close’ has been made the default option for all pages where clubbed buttons are available.

[ZPD-8044] - Sort By Price Enhancement 

Shopper Experience

The ‘Sort By Price’ feature will now sort the products based on the Retail Price if the Sales Price is not available.

Important: This behavior of this feature has been changed (as mentioned above) only for the scenarios when the Catalog level setting “Display Pricing And SEO Detail Of Products From Index” is turned on.

[ZPD-7021] - Search Results Based On Partial Match

Shopper Experience

With this release, the search would consider the partial keyword matches into consideration as well to display search results on the web store.

[ZPD-7119] - Performance: Automated Index Creation

Shopper Experience

With this release, whenever the Publish process will be initiated, Mongo indexes will automatically get created through code (and not using manual script).

This will increase the performance of the data fetching speed on the web store.

[ZPD-7263/ZLMC-817] - Performance: User List

Admin Experience

The code of the Znode admin- User list has been optimized to a higher extent. This has not only increased the performance, but has also reduced the loading speed of the User list throughout the admin application.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-7363] - Web store - The discounted shipping price (i.e. the slashed pricing) did not used to get displayed when the shipping methods used to get loaded for the first time.

[ZPD-7505/ZLMC-885] - When a user (customer or admin user) accidentally or intentionally used to reset the password for more than one time, then all the reset password links sent to the user’s email address used to remain active instead of the last sent link.


[ZPD-7516/ ZLMC-891] - Publishproduct/list API in Postman - TierPriceList property in the response was getting the data for the products which have tiered pricing associated with them, and also the products which do not have any tiered pricing associated with them.


[ZPD-7522/ZLMC-893] - Admin - The Brand Code added from Product Attribute-Values section used to accept values starting from number, but while creating Brands, the Add Brand page was not accepting the value of Brand Code starting from number.


[ZPD-7738/ZLMC-942] - The following methods were not ‘virtual’ and were therefore made ‘virtual’:-

  • GetProductMessage of WidgetDataAgent file
  • PublishSuccessCallBack of CatalogService file
  • ClearCacheAfterPublish of CatalogService file

[ZPD-3669] - Web store - Incorrect tax price used to get calculated when Amount Off Displayed Product Price promotion/coupon was applied.

To resolve this issue, changes were made in the following files:

  • AvataxTaxSales
  • VertexTax
  • ZnodeTaxSalesTax
  • ZnodeTaxesType

[ZPD-6542] - Admin - When orders are placed at the same time, Tax Price did not use to get reflected in one of the orders.


[ZPD-6888] - Web store - Personalized product quantity and price were not getting displayed on the receipt received over the customer’s email address.


[ZPD-7132] - Admin - Category count used to vary on the Catalogs list page and Manage Catalog page.


[ZPD-7150/ZLMC-780] - Admin - Swatch images were not getting generated using Generate Image Scheduler.


[ZPD-7259/ZLMC-810] - Web store - Username was not getting displayed in the Account Activation email.


[ZPD-7406] - Admin & Web store - Incorrect discounted price used to get displayed for Grouped products when ‘Amount Off Order’ or ‘Percent Off Order’ promotion/coupon was applied.


[ZPD-7602/ZLMC-904] - The Global Attribute field was limited to 300 characters because of which it was not possible to save longer values.


[ZPD-7678] - Web store - The Pending Order History page used to break when page number options (i.e. pagination) were changed randomly.



[ZPD-7758/ZLMC-946] - Admin & Web store - When two or more coupons are created for different categories then only the first coupon used works.


[ZPD-7781] - Web store - Product Review feature does not use to work for Configurable Products.



[ZPD-7852] - Admin - ‘Stack Trace’ filter functionality did not use to work for the Application Logs page.


[ZPD-7861] - Admin & Web store - Users (admin users or customers) were able to place orders for disabled products. 


[ZPD-7869] - Admin - An incorrect message used to get displayed when the Purge button (from the Application Logs page) was clicked twice.


[ZPD-7899] - Admin - "Failed to update record” error used to occur when admin users used to edit the Price List precedence.


[ZPD-8020/ZLMC-989/ZPD-8026/ZLMC-998] - Web store - 'Percent Off Category' promotion/coupon did not use to work when more than one promotion/coupon was created with the same 'Minimum Order Amount' value.


[ZPD-8116] - The schema Partial _ProductListSchema is used to throw an exception for special characters (if found in the product name(s) or URL(s)).


[ZPD-8165/ZLMC-1011] - The Promotion Code field’s length in Znode admin and in DB was inconsistent.


[ZPD-7319/ZLMC-848] - Web store - On the Checkout page, when Shipping Rates are loaded for the first time, the discounted (slash pricing) shipping price does not use to get displayed in the Shipping Methods section but used to get displayed in the Cart section. This made understanding the actual shipping price confusing for the users.


[ZPD-7693] - Code Enhancement - The Current API model i.e CategoryProductSearchParameterModel had a property ProductEntities referencing to the MongoDB entity i.e. ProductEntity where the MongoDB library should not have been referenced for the API Model.

Therefore this reference has been removed.


[ZPD-7719/ZLMC-940] - The System.Net.Mail package was used in Znode to send emails from the server. This package required setting up the SMTP configurations on the server because otherwise, the email feature did not used to work. 

Therefore now, MailKit 2.2.0 & MIMEKit 2.2.0 packages are used so that additional configurations are not required

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