Ecommerce: Save For Later

Users now have the capability to save an individual product to a different list, where the saved products are not considered in the cart while placing the final order.

"Save For Later" allows users to save individual products in a different list where they can be pickup later for checkout. As soon as the user clicks on the "Save For Later” button, the individual product gets removed from the current cart and gets added to the “Saved Items” section. This helps the user to check out the final order without considering the product which was moved to the “Save For Later” section. 

Note - The user needs to be logged in, in order to see the "Save For Later" button. Guest users do not have this button visible. 

Saved Items on the Cart Page

In this section, all the products that are “Saved For Later” are visible on the Cart Page. This shows the quantity of all the products that are Saved For Later. Users can move the product back to the cart if the order needs to be placed or Users can remove the products from the Saved Items sections. 

Note - The quantity of the product is not editable in the Save Items section. If the quantity needs to be changed the user has to move the product to the cart and change the quantity.

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