Product Returns


Znode provides support for customers to initiate a product return, for the administrator to review and accept 

General Product Return Workflow - Guest User

  1. Choose Track Order in the upper right of the storefront.
  2. Enter an order number, and email address to see the Order Details.
  3. Click Create Return.
  4. Enter your return information and submit.

General Product Return Workflow - Logged-in User

  1. Go to Order History, and select order.
  2. Click Create Return.
  3. Enter your return information and submit.

Administrator Return Approval Workflow

  1. Login to the Admin site
  2. Go to OMS > Returns
  3. Open a Return
  4. Manage the Return

Product Return Walkthrough

  1. A user finds the order they want to start a return for.
  2. The user opens the return.
  3. The user clicks the Create Return button.
  4. The user enters the reason and quantity of items they want to return and then clicks Submit Return.
  5. The user can review and print the return information.
  6. The administrator goes to OMS > Returns in the Admin site.
  7. The administrator opens a return they want to manage.
  8. The administrator can adjust the return, set the return status to Approved or Rejected, and process the refund as needed.

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