Payments: Invoice Management and Payment


Now the customers have an option to pay invoices through the webstore. This payment option is available for “Invoice Me’ or ‘Purchase Order’ status. 

Steps to make the payments 

Step 1: Click on the Dollar sign on the Order History page (This Dollar sign is shown against only those orders for which the payment is pending)

Step 2: Customers can make the payment through ACH or Credit Card. 

Step 3: Click on Make Payment and the payment is done.

Customers have an option of making partial payments as well. 

More information on Partial Payments

  1. On this screen above, the customer will currently have options to pay through Credit Card and ACH
  2. If the customer selects the ACH payment method for making the payment for the invoice then the Amount in the ‘Payment Amount’ field will be editable and customers will have the ability to pay partially with the amount of their choice.
  3. For the Credit Card payment method, the Payment Amount field will be locked i.e. the customer will not have the ability to edit the amount within this field and will have to pay the complete amount seen in this field.
  4. After making the partial payment through ACH customer will also have the option to pay for the amount remaining through a Credit card. But as mentioned above, if the customer chooses a credit card they can only pay the amount remaining in full with no option to make any partial payments on the amount remaining. 

Payment History Details

An additional section named “Payment History” is introduced under Order receipt to track the invoice payments made against the specific order. 

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