B Stores

The B Store feature was introduced in Znode 9.8.



The B Stores feature allows multiple B Stores to be created based on an existing Store by either admin users or, optionally, by end users – offering authentic B2B2X experiences.

B Stores can be created and are automatically connected to the store they are created from.  These new B Stores have their own URL and can be set up with minimal configuration, taking the bulk of their configuration from the main store. 

Administrators can view orders for the particular B Store, and the orders are also visible in the main store. The B Store also uses any integrations built for the main store, allowing, for example, any placed orders to be sent to the ERP.

Store managers can create B Stores through the admin console. Optionally, the Store Manager can also enable the same functionality for end customers directly from the main store.  The customer can request to create B Stores for their needs, and then they can create and manage b stores and view the orders placed from their B Stores.  

B Store Common Business Cases

  • Customer Brand Stores - B Stores would be a good consideration for businesses who offer e-commerce solutions creating custom branded stores for their customers. They can create one store with all the core features customers need and then create B Stores from that store. The B Stores will have the features from the store but can have custom front ends and a curated set of products.
  • White Label Stores - Companies that allow other companies to sell their products under their name, with their marketing to drive traffic and sales, can benefit from B Stores. The business or customer can create the B Store in this business case.
  • Dealer Stores - Companies that sell through a dealer network where they want to allow the dealers to have an online store where they sell company products to their customers.  Here the manufacturer has the option to either create the B Store themselves or allow their dealers to sign up for, and manage their own B Store.
  • Team Stores - Some manufacturers offer Team Stores, where schools, sports teams, or other organizations provide their members with the manufacturer’s products, often customized with the organization’s logos. Depending on the business size and services offered, B Stores can allow the manufacturer to create the team stores or enable the organizations to create and manage the B Stores for its members.

Differences between Stores and B Stores

Stores created from the Admin Console can be configured with all Znode features.  B Stores allow for quick setup and optional management by your store customers with limited configuration.  These are the differences between Stores and B Stores:


B Stores

Complete Configuration Flexibility

Only Limited Configuration

Use the Admin Console to Set Up

Setup from the Storefront / Self-Registration Option

Managed from the Admin Console

Controlled from the Storefront by B Store Manager

Unique Catalogs

Select Catalogs – Optionally Limit Products

Unique Price Lists

Select Catalogs – Optionally Limit Products

Store Level Theme and B Store Theme Set

Control of Minimal Colors and Text in the Theme

Can See All Orders from Store and B Stores

B Store Manager Can View Orders

Steps to Configure and Manage B Stores

  1. Prepare the catalog, or catalogs, to offer on the B Stores.
  2. Prepare the price lists to be used on the B Stores.
  3. Enable the B Stores feature on the main store.
  4. Once enabled, the store manager or customers can sign up for and create B Stores.
  5. Depending on the setting, for customer-created B Stores, the store manager can approve the B Stores before they go live.
  6. At this point, the B Store is available for buyers to shop in.
  7. As the B Store is used, the store admin and the B Store manager can manage the B Store.

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