Add-On Products

Add-On products can be set up to offer additional products to a buyer when they are looking at a specific product’s product detail page.  This can be used for many business needs, such as setting options for a product, selling warranty plans, offering gift wrapping, and up-selling to include related products.

When defining add-on groups for a product, they can be set as required or optional. Those that are required will require the buyer to pick a choice. This can be helpful to have the user select options for the product. For example, if you have a jacket that can include or not include a flag decal - you can create an add-on group called “Include Flag Decal” with the options of Yes and No.

Product Add-Ons can be set up and displayed in three different ways (as seen above):

  • Check Boxes - Allows the user to pick one or more of the add-on products
  • Drop Drop - Allows the user to pick one of the add-on products
  • Radio Button  - Allows the user to pick one of the add-on products

When added to the cart, the add-on products will be included with the product they were added with, and the price will be updated to show the total price of the product and the add-on products.

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