Quote Management Overview



Znode provides support for quotes, converting quotes to orders,

and quotes approval management.

Znode General Quote Workflow

Admin users can view and manage various quote-related details from the Manage Quote screen.

  1. A Shopper adds products to their cart, and chooses “Request Quote”
  2. The Quote Request is added to Admin with a Status of “Submitted”
  3. A Quote Administrator reviews the quote in Admin, adjusts and posts it back to the shopper with a status of “In Review”
  4. The shopper gets the response and reviews the final quote.
  5. If the Shopper is happy, they choose “Convert to Order” and enter payment information. Quote changes to a status of “Accepted” and an order is created.

Quote Process Walkthrough

  1. A Shopper adds products to their cart, and chooses “Request Quote”
  2. The Shopper enters the address and shipping information and chooses Submit Quote

  3. The Shopper sees a confirmation page that the quote was submitted

  4. The shopper gets a confirmation email and the store customer service also gets an email

  5. The Shopper can view their submitted Quotes on their Account, Quote History page

  6. Quote Managers can see the quote request in the Admin, OMS, and Quotes page

  7. Quote Managers can edit the Quote, adjust prices, and save the updates

  8. When they have the quote finalized, the Quote Manager can mark it as In Review. The shopper is notified their quote is ready.

  9. The Shopper can view the final quote and, if they are happy, can convert it to an order

  10. The Shopper then provides payment details and chooses to place an order.

  11. The shopper sees a confirmation on their order

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