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For an ecommerce solution things are constantly changing, this means the systems developed tend to grow continuously with time. For instance, if in an ecommerce store the Administrator decides to assign a different name for a particular product (for e.g. if Tulip is a product, for instance, that is present in the store with different product descriptions like Darwin Tulip, Lady tulip or Tulipa clusiana). If a customer searches by a general description as Tulip then the same product with different attributes should be presented in such a search. Adding synonyms for the product would help make the product more searchable.

  1. To manage synonyms first Click the Search icon to select a Catalog.

  2. Add a new synonym by clicking the “Add New” button. 

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  1. Specify the original keyword used in the Product name and its synonyms.

  2. In the below example of Tulip with a synonym of Darwin Tulip is shown. By default, Bi-directional is selected. This means if a customer searches with the original term OR the replaced by term they will see the same search results. If Bi-directional is unchecked then searching with the original term will include the search results for the replaced by term but searching the replaced by term will not include the results for the original term.

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  1. Click the progress using the Save button.

  2. Administrators can edit or delete the synonyms using the option provided under the Actions column.

  3. Click Publish Synonyms to publish the entire list displayed.

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