Elasticsearch Configuration Used During Searching

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Search functionality in the Znode WebStore is built on top of Elasticsearch.  See Working With Elasticsearch for more information.

When a user enters a search query, Znode does the following to the string using Elasticsearch functions:

  1. Trigger the Standard Search Synonym Analyzer, with the following token filters:
    1. Lowercase:  Used to change the token text to lowercase
    2. Synonyms: Used to create a list of words that can be used as an alternative and is saved in the synonym list, when a user enters a search keyword it is then compared with the synonym list to find the match before displaying the search results 
    3. Stopwords: Used to ignore all stop words if found in the search keyword. Stop words are usually words like “to”, “I”, “has”, “the”, “be”, “or”, etc. 
    4. Shingle: Used when tokens are to be generated using the concatenation of the adjacent tokens (words). Shingles are used to help speed up phrase queries
    5. Stemmer: Use to reduce a word to its root form to ensure variants of a word match during a search.
      Ex: walking and walking can be stemmed from the same root word: walk

Please see Elasticsearch Definitions for help understanding the terms on this page.

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