How Search Results are Sorted

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  1. Based on the “Sort By” option the user selects - a sort sequence value is determined
    1. First:
      1. “Sort By” sorts by Category Display Order Ascending
      2. Highest Rating - Sorts based on Product Rating
      3. Most Review    - Sorts by Star Ratings
      4. Price, High to Low - Sorts by Price descending
      5. Price, Low to High     - Sorts by Price ascending
      6. Sort by: Name, A to Z - Sorts by Product Name ascending
      7. Sort by: Name, Z to A - Sorts by Product Name descending
      8. Out Of Stock - Sorts in this sequence: Out Of Stock, In Stock, Backorder
      9. In Stock - Sorts in this sequence:  In Stock, Out Of Stock, Back Order
    2. Then for items with the same First value, items are sorted by Product Name ascending
  2. If a unique sort is not selected and no boosting is set
    1. Boosting will be applied for products where the searched term is matched completely or present as the prefix of a searchable field.
  3. If a unique sort is not selected, and there are Boost and Bury rules
    1. Boost bury rules are applied to set boost values
    2. Items are then sorted first by their boost bury value first, second by Category Display Order ascending, and third by Product Name

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