Managing CMS Content Search Index

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If the "Enable CMS Based Search" setting in Stores is checked then whenever CMS pages and Blogs and News pages will be published, indexes for the same will be generated and index details will be displayed in this section.

Administrators can also Create Indexes for CMS pages and Blogs and News pages from this section.

Stores - Admin users can select a specific store from Store Drop down to see the created index for that particular store.

Create Index - If Admin users want to create/update an index manually for any particular store then it can be created/updated using this button. The index can be created for only "preview" or "production and preview" environments

Note - When Enable CMS-based search is true then there will be two tabs displayed on the search result page of the webstore, one for pages and another one for products.

Creating Index

Steps to create Index

Step 1 - Select the catalog 

Step 2 - Change the name of the Index (optional) 

Step 3 - Click on the Create Index button

The created Indexes can be seen in the list below. 

Changes from v9.7.7

The index creation process gets triggered multiple times manually via the Search Profile Publish, Synonyms Publish as well as Create Index features This causes the additional server load and elastic to stop. In order to eliminate this Znode has now the following changes from the v9.7.7

  1. Whenever a CMS index creation process starts related to a specific store,  Znode checks if there is any CMS index creation in progress related to the same store
  2. If a new CMS index creation is initiated for a specific store, the system searches for any other CMS index related to the same store and checks the status of those indexes
    1. If it is found that there is an index for that store with “Started” or “In Progress” status, then the system blocks the creation of another index for the same store.
    2. If there is an index found by the system for the intended store but has a status as Production then the system allows creating the new CMS index for the related store as the process is completed already.


  1. The restrictions are only on the basis of a specific store
  2. The administrator can still initiate processes that lead to index creation for other Stores. 

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