Managing Boost and Bury

Navigate to: Marketing > Site Search > Boost & Bury.


Boosting is a multiplier that enables an Administrator to manually control the ranking weights of Products to appear higher or lower on the search results and/or Category pages. By assigning numerical values to a Product(s), you can adjust where the Product(s) appear on the search result and/or Category pages.

Imagine you have recently acquired several palettes of a Product for a very attractive price and want to sell these items quickly. A Site Admin could enter a boost value to help push the product upon the search result/category pages.

The Boost Value is not the only factor that controls the ranking of your Products. Different factors play into where your Products appear. You may have to experiment with different values to achieve the desired result.

Note: Valid Boosting values are 0.00 – 1000.00. 1.00 is the default value.

1. Click the Search icon to select Catalog.

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2. Click Add New

  1. Specify a unique rule name, start date, and end date of the rule.

  2. Specify the trigger conditions when the rule is applied. Alternatively, the user can select the checkbox to apply the rule to every search. Apply To All Search For The Catalog, this checkbox is checked by the admin user, if the boost and bury preferences are to be applied to all the available catalogs. Only in such a case, this option should be used.

  3. Specify the products to be boosted or buried. (E.g. Bury all the products with ratings less than or equal to 2 for every search.)

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3. Click Pause to stop the rule. Click Restart to re-apply any paused rule.

Boost and Bury Conditions Options



Start Date

This controls when the rule will take effect. If a future date is selected, the content will not be visible as per rule till the date specified. Example: If the start date is 01 June 2018. Then the rule application starts from 01 June 2018 00:00 hours.

End Date

This controls the date when the rule will stop being applied. Example: If an end date is 01 June 2018. Then the rule application ends on 01 June 2018 23:59 hours.

ANY/ALL Dropdown

This allows the user to set the operator for the conditions.


means if any of the conditions specified is TRUE.


means all the conditions specified are TRUE.

Pause/ Restart

This will pause the rule i.e. this rule will not be applied till the user restarts the rule.

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