Managing Boost and Bury

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Boosting is a multiplier that allows administrators to manually promote/demote the position of products in the search results and/or Category pages. 

Imagine you have recently acquired several palettes of a Product for a very attractive price and want to sell these items quickly. Administrators could enter a boost value to help push the product upon the search result and/or category pages.

The Boost Value added along with the condition(s) is used to increase/decrease the relevance score of the matched search results which in turn promotes/demotes the position of the results. Any boost value between 1 and 999 is used to promote the position and any value between 0 and 1 is used to demote the position. It is recommended to use boost values with one digit after the decimal point to demote the position of search results with more accuracy.

Note: Along with the Boost Value, different factors play into defining the position of products. Therefore administrators will have to experiment with different values to achieve the desired result.

Administrators can follow the below mentioned steps to create a Boost and Bury Rule:

  1. Click the Search icon and select the Catalog on which the condition needs to be applied.

  1. Click Add New

    1. Specify a unique Rule Name, Start Date, and End Date of the rule.

    2. Specify the trigger conditions to define when the rule is applied.
      Select Apply To All Search For The Catalog checkbox to enable boost and bury preferences irrespective of any trigger keyword.

    3. Specify the boost and bury conditions for different Item Values (also known as Keywords) with Boosting Value.
      Note: This field supports only positive integer values and floating-point numbers with a maximum of two digits after the decimal point between  0.01 and 999. Any value between 1 and 999 can be used for boosting (i.e. to promote the position of products in search results) and any value between 0.01 and 0.99 for burying (i.e. to demote the position of products in search results) the position of results.

  1. Click Pause to stop the rule. Click Restart to re-apply any paused rule.

Boost and Bury Conditions Options



Start Date

This controls when the rule will take effect. If a future date is selected, the content will not be visible as per the rule till the date specified. Example: If the Start Date is 01 June 2021. Then the rule will start from 01 June 2021 at 00:00 hours.

End Date

This controls the date when the rule will stop being applied. Example: If an end date is 01 June 2021. Then the rule will end on 01 June 2021 at 23:59 hours.

ANY/ALL Dropdown

This allows users to set the operator for the conditions.


Any condition enables the trigger when any of the specified conditions specified is TRUE.


All condition enables the trigger when all of the specified conditions specified are TRUE.

Pause/ Restart

This will pause the rule i.e. this rule will not be applied till the user restarts the rule.



Elasticsearch does not support the use of negative values for Bury operations since Elasticsearch version 7.6, therefore the use of decimal values has been introduced in Znode from Znode 9.6.5.

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