Creating a PIM Search Index Scheduler


Navigate to: Marketing > Site Search > "Create Scheduler" button

Creating a One-time schedule

TouchPoint Name - The Touchpoint name is auto-generated and Scheduler Type is defaulted to Scheduled. 

Scheduler Name - The administrator can define a unique name for the Scheduler from this section. (Scheduler name can be added only while creating a scheduler. Once the scheduler is created the name is not editable).

Scheduler Type - 

Scheduled - The administrator can schedule the dates and times whenever the Scheduler needs to start. 

Scheduler Setting - One Time

The administrator can start a One-time scheduler e.g. single-time job execution from this section selecting a specific start date and time. 


When this is selected the scheduler Job is active and is executed on the specified start date and time. 

Creating Recurring schedule

When an Administrator selects the Recurring option for a Scheduler following screen is displayed.

  1. A CRON expression is a definition of the schedule onto which the recurring jobs are executed.
  2. A user-friendly CRON expression description is displayed when a user clicks on Commonly Used Cron Expressions.

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