9.1.0 Release Notes

January 7, 2019

New Features

Attribute Macros

Administration / Shopper Experience

Znode now allows administrators to use product attributes as macros in the Description field on Add/Edit Highlight page. This allows the application to fetch the value of the macro(s) corresponding to the product on the respective product page on the Web store.

This has provided administrators the convenience to show the customized information on every product page.

Log4Net Integration

Administration / Commerce

Znode now uses a third party tool “Log4Net”, to track and manage the application logs.  This has provided administrators, the convenience to manage logs from a centralized source.

Simplified Software Update


Znode now uses GitHub and NuGet in industry standard ways. This means software maintenance and updates are greatly simplified for Znode SDK developers.

Github serves as a new repository from which the Znode SDK code can be retrieved. This makes it easier for SDK developers to see and merge changes that come with new releases.


NuGet is the standard package management ecosystem for the .NET technology stack. Znode now uses NuGet to manage internal and external dependencies where it makes sense to do so. 

Advanced Reports


Following are the Advanced Reports introduced in this release:-

Sales Report

  1. Orders

This report shows the orders that were placed by the customers (shoppers) during the specified time period in the stores.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

Product Reports

  1. Best Sellers

This report shows the products that were sold in the highest quantity during the specified time period in the stores.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

  1. Low Inventory

This report shows the products whose current stock level is less than their reorder level.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

  1. Abandoned Carts

This report shows shopping carts that were started but then abandoned by the customers (shoppers). 

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

Customer Reports

  1. Top Ordering Customers

This report shows the customers (shoppers) listed in descending order of the number of orders in the stores.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

  1. Top Spending Customers

This report shows the customers (shoppers) listed in descending order of the total order amount in the stores.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

  1. Registered Users

This report shows the new customer (shopper) accounts that were created during the specified time period in stores.

Administrators can view and filter the data shown in this report based on their access levels.

Voice Search (Beta Version)

Shopper Experience

Customers (shoppers) can now search for products on the web store using the Voice Search feature as well. This new feature allows the application to capture and convert the spoken voice commands to text, which is then searched in product information to find suitable results.

User Cart


A new section named ‘User Cart’ has been introduced on “Edit-User - <Customer Name>” page which allows administrators to view the abandoned cart information of the customer (shopper).

Administrators can view the following information (if available) from this section:-

  • Product Details:-

    • Image

    • Product Name

    • Unit Price

    • Quantity

    • Total

  • Sub Total

They can also check out or create an order for the customer (shopper) from this section.



Administrators can now use the Typeahead feature in single select and multi-select Store Name and Catalog Name dropdown fields. This feature predicts the values of the fields based on the inputs provided by the administrators and shows possible suggestions to them.

This has removed the hassle of opening a popup and finding the Store Name or Catalog Name from the available list.

Publish Empty Parent Category

Administration / Shopper Experience

Administrators can now publish any empty category (i.e. a category with no associated products) if it’s at least one child category has at least one product associated with it.

This will allow the administrators, the convenience to display the product(s) in the child category on web store without requiring to add product(s) in the parent category from the administrator site. 

Currency Culture Code


Some currencies are used in multiple countries and every country has a different currency culture code for the currency it supports. Therefore currency culture codes have been introduced in Znode to provide administrators the convenience to assign a currency to the Store(s) based on the currency culture code of the particular country.

Last Applied Search/Filter


Znode administrator application can now temporarily save the last searched keyword or the last applied filter on the list pages. This allows administrators to view the list page(s) with the applied search or filter, even when they return back to the same list page from any other page.


The applied saved filter or searched keyword will be deleted from the list page(s) in the following cases:-

  • When cookie session expires

  • When cookies are deleted


Default Store URL


Administrators can now set a default preview URL and a default web store URL so that any operation which requires preview URL or web store URL can take the respective default URL into consideration for the operation.

Content Page Enhancements


Earlier, administrators only had the ability to configure the content widgets from “Edit Content Page - <Page Name>” module. From this release, they can not only configure the content widgets but can also view the preview of the configured widgets and the webpage from “Edit Content Page - <Page Name>” module.

Note:- To preview the configured widgets and the webpage, administrators will necessarily require to associate a preview URL with the store, and enable the Preview Setting from Global Settings.

Admin Refresh and UX Enhancement


The look and feel of the entire Znode administrator application have been modified to provide a more appealing and easy-to-use interface for the administrators.

Cart and Checkout Enhancement

Shopper Experience

The performance of ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ processes have been significantly increased in this release. 

Application Log Enhancement

Administration / Commerce

Following are the Application Log enhancements introduced in this release:-

Detailed Logs
Earlier, the application used to show the summarized information in the logs. From this release, administrators can view the detailed information in the logs.

Log Selection

Znode now allows administrators to choose the type of logs they want the application to track.

Security Optimizations

Logging in Service Library

Administration / Commerce

Error Logs have been significantly enhanced in this release allowing administrators the convenience to view and manage logs.

Vulnerability Fixes in Multifront Code


The multifront code has been optimized and vulnerability fixes have been made to secure the application.

Content Security Policy


Content Security Policy is introduced in this release which helps to detect and mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. This provision has been provided in the Additional Attribute section.

Security Headers


Security Headers introduced in this release are HTTP response headers that restrict browsers from running into easy vulnerabilities, like XSS, code injection, clickjacking, etc.

Following are the Security Headers implemented in this release:

  • X-XSS-Protection

  • X-Frame-Options

  • X-Content-Type-Options

Column Encryption Setting


A provision to enable/disable Column Encryption setting from ZnodeGlobalSetting table (FeatureName:IsColumnEncryptionSettingEnabled) is introduced in this release.

Note:- Column Encryption is supported on SQL Server 2016 and above versions only. If client has SQL version below 2016, then it is essential to set false in Column encryption setting from ZnodeGlobalSetting Table (FeatureName :IsColumnEncryptionSettingEnabled) and remove "Column Encryption Setting=Enabled" from Connection string.

Insufficient Connection to String Encryption


The following security changes have been introduced in the connection string in this release:-

  • Column Encryption Setting=Enabled

  • Encrypt=true

  • TrustServerCertificate=true

Consider an example:- 
<add name="ZnodeECommerceDB" connectionString="Data Source=;Initial Catalog=;User Id=;Password=;Column Encryption Setting=Enabled;Encrypt=true;TrustServerCertificate=true" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Here, Setting Encrypt=True will assure that the client is using a connection that is encrypted and Setting TrustServerCertificate=False ensures that the client will verify the certificate before accepting the connection.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-3488] - Webstore - Product quantity getting merged after login the site if one product contains add-ons and another one is without add-ons.

[ZPD-3481] - Webstore - Incorrect product is reordered while reordering with add-on product.

[ZPD-3353] - Webstore & Admin create order -- Product gets merge when added into the cart with different Add-Ons.

[ZPD-3347] - Webstore - Addresses are not displayed from my account on single page checkout.

[ZPD-3542] - Admin - Product feed - Duplicate data is displayed in a generated feed. i.e. for content page only.

[ZPD-3510] -  Admin - Product Feed - Updated SEO details is not displayed in Product feed.

[ZPD-3499] - Webstore - Publish banner is not displayed if it is published from banner sliders

[ZPD-3354] - Webstore - Duplicate add-on is displayed on the shopping cart page

[ZPD-3336] - OMS - Orders - Incorrect total is displayed while on the Resend cart line item icon.

[ZPD-3326] -  Webstore - While changing the address for users, account address gets changed.

[ZPD-3312] - OMS - Manage Order - Quantity is displayed as 0 while selecting the status as shipped for ship separately product.

Known Issues

[ZPD-4241]  - Web store - No need to display guest user section if Is Login Required is set to True.
[ZPD-4169] - Web store - Product quantity gets merged for a personalized product.
[ZPD-3453] - OMS - Create An Order - Paypal Express not working from creating an order.
[ZPD-3086] - Web store - USPS update link is not working when a customer enters an invalid state name.
[ZPD-4237] - Abandoned Carts - Cart updated date is not changed.
[ZPD-4233] - Webstore: Recently Viewed Product Breadcrumbs are not correct
[ZPD-4196] - Different cart line item generated when reordering the same product the second time.
[ZPD-4155] - OMS - Orders - Manage - Products getting replaced, if personalized product(s) is added.
[ZPD-4133] - Web store - Reorder issue with the configurable and personalized product.
[ZPD-4125] - Web store - Cart quantity getting merged after login to the site.
[ZPD-4122] - Admin - Log Configuration - Application taking a long time to save the details.
[ZPD-3957] - Marketing - Highlights - Unable to associate multiple highlights for the same products.
[ZPD-3932] - PIM - Products - Updated product SEO is not getting displayed when publishing the product.
[ZPD-3826] - Admin - PIM - Catalog is taking approx 25-35 mins to published for more than 50k products.
[ZPD-3596] - Web store - Facets not showing up on the Product List Page for Configurable Products.
[ZPD-3582] - PIM - Catalog - Publish process takes time to publish the catalog for more than 40K products.
[ZPD-3148] - Admin -- PIM -- Category -- Manage Category -- SEO --> If first time user checks IsRedirect and clicks save, then, when the user does the same thing again, it should be unchecked.
[ZPD-2738] - eCert: 0 balance appearing on the addition of new key in the eCertificate balance
[ZPD-2558] - PIM - Products - Publish Preview and Production functionalities are missing in Bulk Update.
[ZPD-2438] - Admin->Global Attribute->Entity Attributes: Unable to unassociate group
[ZPD-2080] - Admin - Promotion - Associated category is not getting displayed in ‘Amount/Percent off Category’ promotion if we publish the category.
[ZPD-1615] - Web store - Facets are not getting displayed on the category page if they are available for variants.
[ZPD-1594] - Multifront - Web store - Auto add-ons are not being displayed on shopping cart page.

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