Release Notes

February 15, 2019

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-4673] - UPS - All methods in UPS shipping should be overridable.

[ZPD-4756]-Webstore - Site Search - Suggestions not shown for special characters.

[ZPD-4758] - Webstore - Site Search - Search for 'only <color name>', incorrect.

[ZPD-4785]- Need all private methods of OrderAgent marked as protected

[ZPD-4840] - Method Changes : Specify MethodName Dynamically in IsCodeExists API

[ZPD-4863] - Modification In Set Explicit Custom Headers.

[ZPD-3931] - Admin - Payment - No success message is displayed while creating the new records.

[ZPD-4362] - SEO URL implementation not compatible with clients URL pattern.

[ZPD-4513] - PIM - Addons - Display order not working for addon group.

[ZPD-4735] - Incorrect validation message while creating order.

[ZPD-4745] - Webstore - Unable to log in with the user created from the admin.

[ZPD-4747] - Unable to Associate the SVG file type to swatch in product attribute.

[ZPD-4771] -Application Log - Mongo logging is not working with the secured connection.

[ZPD-4786] - Multifront - Webstore - Need to display Personalised value instead of attribute code

[ZPD-4805] - PIM - Products - Edit - Associate Products Popup - Unable to close the pop up after invalid search.

[ZPD-4881] - OMS - Orders - Order amount is displayed in negative mode.

[ZPD-4237] - Abandoned Carts - Updated date is not displayed.

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