Release Notes

January 21, 2019


Typeahead For Multi-Select Attribute Type


Admin users can now search and select multiple values for multi-select attribute type fields. This modification to multi-select attribute type fields has enhanced the multi-select functionality.

Stemming Implementation For Search

Shopper Experience / Commerce

Stemming feature introduced in this release allows the search to consider two types of words, one which is inputted by customers (shoppers) and other which are the other forms of words inputted by the customers (shoppers). It basically removes suffixes from words so that the words with the same root match each other.

For eg. Say a customer (shopper) enters ‘Mangoes’ in the search. Stemming removes suffix ‘es’ to find the basic form of the word and then searches word and all the other forms of the same word.

The other form of the word ‘Mango’ is ‘Mangoes’, therefore Stemming searches ‘Mango’ as well as ‘Mangoes’ in the search.

Remove Products From Cart Button


A 'Remove All Cart Items' action button is added on User Cart section in Edit User module. This button allows admin users to remove all the products from the customer’s (shopper’s) cart.

Display Order On Webstore

Administration / Shopper Experience

The Admin users set the display order for all the products. For all the types of products this functionality is reflected accurately at all the levels of operation. 

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-1978] - Dashboard - Guest user’s count is not reflected in the dashboard report.
[ZPD-3957] - Marketing - Highlights - Unable to associate the multiple highlights of the same products.
[ZPD-4264] - Order is not displayed in Znode table if promotion is applied while placing the order.
[ZPD-4271]- Advanced Reports > Top Spending Customers > GuestUser should be written as Guest User
[ZPD-4473]- Cache Issue : Cache is not cleaned when publishing Catalog in Production Mode.
[ZPD-4490]-Checkout - Shipping - Updated promotion price is not reflected in shipping calculation & also not displaying on Shipping.

[ZPD-4483] - Add latest KB URL in Znode 9.1 x

[ZPD-4492] - Upgrade bug fixes

[ZPD-4499] - Spell Check functionality

[ZPD-4283] -Merchant gateway settings broken when editing a custom payment method

[ZPD-4284] -When a customer uses a saved credit card, order number = "1" on authorize

[ZPD-4286] - Hardcoding of payment gateway names in Admin & Webstore

[ZPD-4289] - Shipping price shown does not include promotions

[ZPD-4290] - Znode Order number is not getting passed to Chase PT

[ZPD-4291] - Shipping is not calculating for configurable products

[ZPD-4292] - Can't update a user's email from the account section

[ZPD-4293] - "Resend order confirmation email" from admin.

[ZPD-4295] - The account name doesn't show under the account information section for a customer. This needs to show and it should be an editable field if the customer is set up as an admin

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