Release Notes

February 08, 2019

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-4591] - No indication of the complete order being marked as returned.

[ZPD-4592] -Order value not reflecting in reports when the complete order is marked as returned.

[ZPD-4610] - Admin - Content Page - UI getting disturbed. Unable to add an image.

[ZPD-4641] - Admin - Promotions & Coupons - Associated catalog not shown.

[ZPD-4664] - Admin - Retail price is not displayed as changing Price List dropdown

[ZPD-4670] - PIM - Products - Insert video link not working.

[ZPD-4674] - Unable to generate XML for product feed when the application contains more than 30,000 or more records.

[ZPD-4675] - Wrong tags in XML for product feed.

[ZPD-4679] -Admin- Associate Products Popup - Unable to close the pop up after the invalid search.

[ZPD-3936] - Resolved missed order issue for Amazon (with base)

[ZPD-4698] - Log4net: Database Logging not working together with other logging.

[ZPD-4703] - Webstore - Percent of shipping with the carrier is not working.

[ZPD-4732] - PIM - Products - Complete name is not displayed on the edit product page whereas it is displayed in the copy product page.

[ZPD-4771] -Application Log - Mongo logging not working with the secured connection.

[ZPD-4780] -Admin - Store - Additional Attribute - Remove the Epro attribute and group from default script.

[ZPD-4777] - Custom field utilized in the base code.

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