Release Notes

February 01, 2019


Explicitly Set Custom Headers

Administration /Commerce

Provisions are made in this version, to make the custom changes in the header of the API request, explicitly as and when required.  

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-4234] - Report - Low Inventory - No need to display space for Warehouse.

[ZPD-4298] - Upgrade - Orders - Duplicate data is displayed for orders.

[ZPD-4306] - OMS - Orders - UI is not proper if PO is selected.

[ZPD-4493] -The unit price calculated in Order History/ Manage / Receipt is not correct.

[ZPD-4538] - Apply coupons with specific (allowed) promotions.

[ZPD-4577] - Admin - Promotions - 'Catalog Name' and 'Product Type' filters do not work.

[ZPD-4587] - Webstore - Shopping cart - Need to change the message for multiple coupons.

[ZPD-4597] - SEO - Term & Condition - Unable to publish the content page

[ZPD-4599] - Webstore - Address is not persisting when coming back to the shopping cart page.

[ZPD-4601] - PIM - Catalog - Product is not removed from another catalog if we removed from one catalog.

[ZPD-4602] -Amount of order promotion not applied when multiple promotion are exists.

[ZPD-4603] -Admin - PIM - Products - Unable to scroll down and enter further details once uploaded the 'Product List View Image'

[ZPD-4604] -Admin -Media Manager Performance Issue & Console Errors.

[ZPD-4609] - Admin - Catalog - Scroller missing. Unable to view the complete catalog structure.

[ZPD-4611] - Admin -Display Order - Allowing to save non-numeric as 'Display Order'

[ZPD-4612] - Admin - Loader not removed on create index button

[ZPD-4614] -Admin Global Settings - Unnecessarily dirty message popup shown instead of a success message.

[ZPD-4616] - PIM - Product attribute family - Display order is not updated.

[ZPD-4617] - Admin Page title for 'Advanced' reports missing.

[ZPD-4618] - OMS - Orders - Unable to place order from manage order with new admin user.

[ZPD-4620] - HELP new configured products displaying wrong color.

[ZPD-4631] - Admin - DAM - Scroll bar is missing and Search button is not working

[ZPD-4633] - Webstore - Shipping amount is displayed if shipping is applicable for free shipping.

[ZPD-4639] - Inconsistency between facet count and applied facet filter count.

[ZPD-4650]-PIM - Catalog - Associated Products are not displayed in another catalog.

[ZPD-4681] - Unable to upload SVG file.

[ZPD-4280] -Refund shipping/handling charges while returning the last item in the order.

[ZPD-4613] -Admin - Need provision in the import process for importing Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 value in Price import.

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