Release Notes

January 25, 2019


Edit Banner Sequence

Administration / Shopper  experience

Now the admin user would experience the simplification of the processes to edit the banner sequence, reducing a lot of effort. The same is made possible through the edit option, provided for all the banner sliders.  

Filter Order By Order Total


In the OMS module within the orders section a new filter option ‘Total’ has been introduced that will help admin users to filter the orders based on their respective order totals.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-2483] - Error while saving ERP setting

[ZPD-4282] - According to category merchandising, if same category is associated with multiple categories and if we add or remove any product from same then category associated with other categories will update with same product.

[ZPD-4486] - E-commerce shopping cart and ecommerce entity classes should be overridable

[ZPD-4488] - Setup & Run Charge not applying on orders properly.

[ZPD-4492] - Upgrade bug fixes 1)V2-publishproduct-get not returning Associated Products  2) Additional Attributes not returning values it contains spaces (starting or trailing).

[ZPD-4493] - The unit price calculated in Order History/ Manage / Receipt is not correct.

[ZPD-4514] -  Duplicate mail issue (if mail id is repeated).

[ZPD-4527] - Admin - PIM - Products - Edit - Catalog showing duplicate structure.

[ZPD-4537] - Admin - DAM - Scroll's are missing and Search button is not working

[ZPD-4546] - Allow admin user to publish disabled product and disable any published product

[ZPD-4575] - Admin - PIM - Products - Associate Products Popup - Unable to close the pop up after an invalid search. (Throughout the application)

[ZPD-4578] - Admin - Content Page - 'Terms & Condition' page throwing exception.

[ZPD-4579] - Admin - Highlights - Unable to scroll page after uploading media.

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