Release Notes

March  1, 2019

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-4909]- Order list breaks if the system’s ‘Date Time and Region’ format is changed.

[ZPD-4746]- Webstore -When three or more add-ons are added to the cart they don’t appear on the Cart page.

[ZPD-4850]-Marketing -When customer (shopper) inputs a long Product Review. It shows an error message.

[ZPD-4899]- Admin users are not being able to apply multiple promotions for configurable products.

[ZPD-4941]- Admin - After updating SEO details and publishing the category in the PIM section, it is observed that the status remains as a draft in the marketing section (Marketing >> SEO Details >> Categories). 

[ZPD-4942]-Admin - Content block - Page freezes when 'OK' or 'Cancel' button is clicked.

[ZPD-4965] - Need to make private methods public in Search Service

[ZPD-5004]-Malfunctioning flag in code prevents the customers (shoppers) from both applying Amount Off Order promotion and Percent Off Order coupon (on single page checkout).

[ZPD-5025] - Additional Cost  is not mapped in Shopping Cart

[ZPD-5038] - Admin>>Dashboard - Performance issue -Representation of information on the Admin dashboard becomes considerably sluggish for bulk data  
[ZPD-5039] - OMS- Order list - Recently generated orders get displayed randomly in the order list when a large amount of order data is added in the order list. When the order bulk suddenly increases this issue gets triggered.  
[ZPD-5040]- The number of times a category is published in the admin section:

1) The duplicate categories are seen on the web store

2) On PIM >> Catalogs >> Categories- In case of a catalog, for the published categories having a complex hierarchy, the nesting of folders is not ideally followed and represented in the Manage Catalog section.

[ZPD-5049]- “ZnodeShoppingCart” file is non-overridable. 
(Breaking Change-  Libraries.ECommerce.ShoppingCart.ZnodeShoppingCart class was initialized as a concrete instance using “new” keyword in the following classes-

- AccountQuoteService.cs 
- OrderService.cs
- ShoppingCartService.cs
- ShoppingCartMap.cs
With this release, the said classes will resolve ZnodeShoppingCart class instance (IZnodeShoppingCart) through dependency injection and DI registration should register the class for per-dependency scope. So, if any project has inherited ZnodeShoppingCart class earlier, then that inherited class will be used in said classes above.  
This implementation needs to be reassured in the customized part (if any) of the project, before taking this upgrade)

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