Managing Store Payment Methods


Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Payment Methods

In the Payment Method tab, administrators can associate unassigned Payment Methods with a Store. The Payment Options are created in the Shipping section under the Dev Center.

Once a Payment Method is associated with a Store, Customers can select the Payment Method at checkout.

Znode has several pre-defined Payment Types: Credit Card, Purchase Order, Paypal, Invoice Me, Amazon Pay, and COD. Administrators can also manage Merchant Gateway Settings from the Payment Methods section.

Associating a Payment Method with a Store

Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Payment Methods > Associate Payment Method

Before starting these steps, the admin user will need an unassigned Payment Method

  1. Use the "Associate Shipping Method" button to associate an unassociated Shipping Method with the store.

  2. Select an unassigned Shipping Method and "Save" progress. The page reloads with action confirmation.

  3. The Shipping Method is now associated with the store

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